Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my program plan mid-way? (Should I?)

You can change your program plan at any time. Just enter your workout schedule and click the "Create new” button. It will take you back to the drawing board – at step one, selecting a new plan all over again.

What kind of equipment do I need?

Most of the workouts can be completed by using your body weight only. No equipment whatsoever. Only 4 workouts are exception to this:

Arms - for this one you will need dumbbells (the heavier the better - though we suggest between 5-10 kg per each dumbbell).

Strength - only 1 move which requires a dumbbell to be used. However, you can even manage without one, by using a 5 to 10 kg heavy object.

Legs - only 3 moves which require a dumbbell to be used. Same as in Strength, you can do without one. Just use a 5-10 kg object you can hold with your hands.

Calves - this workout doesn't require using extra weight at all, but over time you can add some resistance by adding additional weight. If you don't have dumbbells by your side, we recommend holding some object, or even better, putting on a weighted backpack (1-5 kg is about enough). Though we recommend going without extra weight for the first couple of times.

What if I skip a healthy meal and eat a handful of bacon instead, or a cupcake, or two, or a dozen…?

Then drop down and give me ten. But no, really… Simply watch this video if you haven’t already.

What if I skip a workout - should I repeat it next day or simply move forward?

Again, this video helps a lot in terms of building perspective.

Additionally though, for the sake of adding context, let’s say you skipped a single day. No biggie, if you can do it any other day, do that. If not, simply do the following workout according to the calendar. Missing a single day won’t change much - if anything.

If you miss a week’s worth of fitness, then it's better for you to create and start a new workout program.

Do I have to follow the nutrition plan?

Not at all. It’s here to provide guidance and show you the ideal solution. Following it would be recommended, but you can copy the same principles and apply them to your own meal plan.

Here, read this guide for healthy eating principles, and learn how to construct your own diet plan.

As long as you are eating healthy and balanced, that’s all that matters.

Can I treat myself with a cake, a cheeseburger, some fries, cookies etc?

Of course you can. Wait what?

Here is the deal… Depending on your goals, custom plan intensity, and program length, you can eat various degrees of junk food.

A cookie to enjoy once every week, after lunch? If it makes you feel good, sure, it’d be foolish not to. As long as you can have balance and not eat the whole bag.

A burger with fries then? Again, if this is a one-time per week thing, and you’ve been keeping things clean for a while, why not?

It all depends. You can taste junk food from time to time, but only if it’s less than 10% of what you are actually eating on a regular basis. Balance means allowing yourself some comfort from time to time, but keeping things lean and clean afterwards.

You must also take into consideration the intensity of your workouts, and how strict you are about getting your results on time, exactly as you pictured them.

If you strive for perfection, you will discover a world of frustration. If you strive for balance instead, this can become a very pleasant journey- one that sets the foundation of your fit body for life.

What about alcohol? Can I drink a cocktail on a night out?

Yes you can. As long as it’s not every other night.

Alcohol is a thing to avoid while on this program, and if you ask me a thing to avoid full stop.

But, being an advocate of balance, I’d say enjoy your beer, your whiskey, or your cocktail.

Find pleasure in drinking only a single cup, and allow for an entire week to pass before sipping another one. You can drink two or three glasses per week if not in a hurry to achieve your goals - but probably forget alcohol altogether if you count every day until those abs start to show.

Bottom line - don’t beat yourself over a single glass - enjoy it instead.

Which device should I use for accessing the site, and streaming the workouts?

Whichever one you prefer. Fitness Updated is designed to run on every device with a browser. Though we’d suggest a laptop or a TV screen connected to a laptop.

You are saying I can play the workouts on my smartphone?

If it has a stable internet connection, go for it. You can work out in your home, garage, hotel room, even outdoors… And before you ask, yes, we know how cool that is.

What about an app?

Well, Fitness Updated is something that is called a “Progressive web app”. That means that if you access the website a few times through your smartphone, the browser will ask you if you’d like to put an icon of Fitness Updated on your phone. After this you can access your fitness playground exactly the same way as a regular app with a single tap, as long as you have internet connection.

Where can I ask for advice regarding x...?

Anything you need to know - be that advice on how to use the site, manage your profile, subscription, or anything at all related to your fitness journey… Just go to the support page and we’d be happy to answer all questions.

Can I do another physical activity or training while on my program?

If it’s something easy and fun like swimming, or hiking or riding your bike… Yes, of course.

If however, you are talking about lifting weights or doing some other type of demanding and structured physical activity, it depends.

Tell you what. Just write us a message, and we’d be happy to come up with a special plan just for you.

Should I do my workout in the mornings or evenings?

No real difference. It’s up to you. Sometimes the mornings can be a better option, and other times you’d be busy or tired and schedule things for later. As long as you are completing your day’s workout, that’s all that matters.

However, anchoring your workout within a specific time of the day ensures that you are starting to build a habit - both in mind as well as how your day is being structured. Consistency can put things on autopilot for you and minimize the constant need of decision making so you won't have to invest extra willpower each and every day.

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