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Workout videos, nutrition plan, recipes, progress tracking and much more. Create the body you want, under your terms.

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Customizable and tailored to you

Customizable workout plans

Choose your goals and preferences and the smart algorithm will create the perfect program for you. Provide feedback with a single click, and it will make daily changes to your program where needed. Farewell guesswork.

Video workouts for every fitness level

Diverse video workouts

Enjoy a variety of engaging workouts designed for all levels of fitness. Ease your way or fight the challenge. Shorter, longer, cardio, resistance, high or low impact- see what real variety looks like, and never get bored again.

Nutrition guide and recipes

Easy to follow nutrition plan

A complete nutrition program based on your goals and preferences that is easy to follow. Totally customizable with dozens of simple, pragmatic, yet tasty recipes. Whereas dieting can be hard, this is the easiest adjustment you will ever make.

Complete workout calendar

Use on any device

The smartest fitness platform right in your pocket. Use on all devices at any time taking your fitness playground anywhere you want. Work out, follow your nutrition plan and track your progress. Fitness Updated is as convenient as it gets.

Complete guidance so you stay on track

Receive daily advice, encouragement, and a carefully tailored calendar that is unique to your journey. Know what to do at any time, and have your questions answered before they arise. A healthy mindset can bring you half the way - let us make the process more reassuring and turn you into a fitness powerhouse.

Watch the trailer and see how this platform can forever change the way you approach fitness.

Results can exist only outside of the comfort zone? Well, not necessarily.

User reviews

Testimonial - I love it

I love it!

Created few program plans to see how accurate they get, and love how well-structured they are. Started with the workouts last week, and they are really pushing you to dig deeper. The casual don’t-worry-you’ll-handle-it approach is all over the platform and I love it!

Dean D.

Testimonial - Amazing


On day 16 and this is the best fitness platform I've ever used. The workouts are really innovative and unlike most that I have tried. The nutrition plan makes things simple so you cannot fail. Thank you guys soo much for such an amazing platform!

Stephanie S.

Testimonial - super challenging

Super challenging!

Determined to see how hard it can get, I made my program to be super challenging. Way tougher than I expected. Lots of agility work, and some crazy power moves. On day 5 and I can tell that my body is already changing.

Thomas J.

Testimonial - great results

Great results!

Ok, so my husband and I started a program plan together and we are now well on our way. Hitting day 38 tomorrow and the results are amazing. He lost 12 pounds and I’m down by… wait for it… 14! Ta daaa! Still some more to go, but I love how easy and straightforward it is.

Kate J.

Testimonial - lots of fun

Lots of fun!

Day 14 and love the results. I’m super excited for the following week. So far it’s been a lot of fun, and this whole fitness thing starts to get really addictive. The guidance is so informative and helpful I really feel on top of things.

John G.

Testimonial - easy to follow

Easy to follow!

Forgot how long it was since I actually enjoyed being committed to a workout program. Finally able to ease my way into fitness and improve from there. The workouts are fun, challenging, and the guidance keeps me motivated.

Vera D.

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