Get fit in 1 month and win $1000

Use our program, work out from home and get paid instantly if you win

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1 month


Get a full annual subscription to Fitness Updated as a gift

Personalized workout and nutrition programs to lose weight and get fit

fitness updated contest benefits

Limited Participation

We intentionally keep this number small, so the chances for winning are in your favor.

fitness updated contest benefits

Bonus Gift

You will get a 1-year subscription to the Fitness Updated platform, priced at $79 as a bonus gift.

fitness updated contest benefits

Reward Paid Instantly

The winner will receive $1000, directly into his PayPal account, right after the announcement.

fitness updated contest benefits

Work Out From Home

No need to join a gym, or even leave the comfort of your living room.

fitness updated contest benefits

One month duration

A new contest will start on the 1st of each month, and finish just before the next.

fitness updated contest benefits

Step by step program

Easy to use and personalized just for you – courtesy of the Fitness Updated platform.

Here’s how it works. Step-by-step.

Step 1

At the end of each month, we open the doors and welcome 30 participants. Spots will fill up fast, so the first step is joining the waiting list. You can join at any time, and it’s completely free.

fitness updated contest sign-up steps

Step 2

Entering the contest after you receive the invitation email. The one-time cost to join is $54, and you will get a bonus gift - 1-year subscription to Fitness Updated priced $79, for free.

fitness updated contest steps

Step 3

Send us your picture, and start the month with commitment and dedication. You’ll work out from home, using the Fitness Updated platform – accessible from any device with an internet connection 24/7.

fitness updated contest sign-up steps

Step 4

Verification – you will send us your picture after completing the month. That way, we can witness your amazing transformation by comparing it with the "before" picture.

fitness updated contest sign-up steps

Step 5

Participants vote between one another at the end of the month, and we cast our expert vote as well. The most transparent competition you’ll ever be part of.

fitness updated contest sign-up steps

Step 6

The winner takes $1000 after the announcement, paid instantly via PayPal.

fitness updated contest sign-up steps

To learn more about the contest, read the FAQ

From applying to winning – everything you need to know.

Read the FAQ

Real program. Real results. Real opportunity.

The best incentive to actually start working out.

High chance of winning

Only 30 participants will compete for the prize. All you have to do is work out from home, staying accountable for one month. You will get a step-by-step program and know exactly what to do on any given day. No excuses to start working out.

fitness updated contest sign-up steps

Your personalized program

Fitness Updated is a highly personalized platform that is easy to use. You’ll get workout videos and nutrition recipes, tailored specifically for your goals. It will feel like working out with a personal coach.

fitness updated contest sign-up steps

The best way to lose weight and earn $1000

Receive an invite for the next application round on January 31st.